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Oct. 19th, 2016 @ 01:48 pm Semi homeless
So I was walking around Elmwood this afternoon. I'm doing this given that I'm off of work at the moment & I wanted to be cool like the elite rich people who gentrified live here, get some exercise & get some sunshine.

So I'm waking during my first mile downtown & I stop to put my sneaker on a bench to toe my lace. Now there's some dude 's most likely homeless backpack & gear on one end. So I go to the opposite side & use the ledge. He comes running back, tells me off & says to go find another bench.

Now I'm thinking do I look like I'm a homeless dude? Yeah I'm not a wealth elite liberal in this hood but still in wearing all J.Crew & an Apple Watch. Do I really look that bad when in my furloughed underachiever mode?
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