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Nov. 6th, 2016 @ 02:35 pm Seeeing what I'm missing out on
So if you have followed me here for years you know my severe shortcomings. Basically I'm not attractive in the evolutionary sense where one would project their worth to breed with & procreate. As years go by for the most part I depreciate & pulling off the BS that I do pretending to be more than I'm not gets harder.

I'm a believer in evolutionary biology/psychology. I'm not a fan of the way the world has been made safe (although that is all about to change soon in English speaking North America)

So I went out to this event at a very hyped brewery in the rich trendy part of Buffalo. I ended up confirming my beliefs in a brief time by observing some i met at another event. Knowing better is always good when that "let your guard down" voice gets overuled by reality.

Overall it still doesn't change the various facts that I'm not attractive & not good with women in the romantic sense. It would take a complete overall & a fundamental change in my mental makeup & independence.

At this post I'm just happy to see how the other half li percentage lives. Why I strike that out? Because it may be known that 20% of the attractive guys have 80% of the sex. Even here where dating is a woman's game, I'm shocked by the % of women out by themselves. Then again this is the exception not the rule. This is still at this time an island of "new urbanism" surrounded by working class poverty.

I didn't mean to solve the worlds problems but I'm here just observing as I'm trying to stay off of Facebook. Blogging/Journaling is so much more rewarding.

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