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Nov. 24th, 2016 @ 10:28 pm Happy Thanksgiving
So I stayed down here in Florida this year. I did it because I'm not sure how my time off will work with the whole world being messed up with the whole universe thrown in a state of flux.

I finally figured out where my dream bitchy girl (in actuality her parents) live from a crazy periscope series. It blew my mind one Labor Day when I was on the back deck of my cousin's place.

So I'm surround by rich happy families wrapping up Their thanksgiving holidays. We ended up going To a dysfunctional family up in the rougher part of the area. My mom was friends with the son's (50 yr old on disability) actually the whole family is the sister is on disability for mental issues & I live off of their father 80+ yr old pension. It's kind of a show but my mom was really good friends with their godmother and it for years.

I was going to go to the old-school dive bar but it's too smoky. So I Went to an upscale place to have a cocktail and just chill out around the corner on the patio while the wait staff tears down the place.

Current music 90's smashing pumpkins.
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