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Nov. 26th, 2016 @ 05:24 am Flying back home
Thanksgiving fun is now over. I'm on my way back home to Buffalo. I'm in my cushy 1st class cabin but I'm not too blown away by the people. I'm very grateful but this trip has put me into a state of existentialism. A bunch of people have died since I've been down here. Even my airport ride (a guy from Rochester a true work friend) lost his father.

Our time is short & ive always appreciated being able to come here. I figure it may be 100+ times in my life? People may hate on me, but honestly they get laid way more then I usually wish for. I take the good with the bad in life. I've been surprisingly chill this trip. The fun part begins now they my new season starts at work. 3 weeks without a paycheck iis going To be annoying but I'll be ok.
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