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Jan. 1st, 2017 @ 12:16 pm Happy New Year
I'm still alone & it looks like I'll be in perpetuity. It's funny how sometimes you get your hopes up & then the same result happens but you're not feeling despair when they come crashing down as only mostly known that feeling.

So my sort of ex's twin sister moved back to Buffalo from Portland as she couldn't afford to live there anymore due to the rampant gentrification. We've been friends on facebook for 8 years or so & have always had some contact ect. Sell finally after messaging her dozens of times she finally agreed to come over and hang out while drinking a few beers. She came due to the fact that I had some Mikkeller Descendents beer (she's a huge fan) so I ordered pizza & we hung out.

Later that night I ended up "completing the set" which was really weird as it was like I've been with that person before (it took some thinking not to say the other twin's name) But it was good & a warm fuzzy feeling came over me.

Then over the next 3 weeks the same elusiveness & never wanting to get together happened, AKA me being thrown back to the back burner. We text last night trying to do something for NYE & she basically drops the "I may have a boyfriend" card.

So yeah I'm still not going to beg people to be with me or hangout. At least for 2017 I own my unattractiveness & not being in the top 10 or 20 percent of choices/options. Whatever.
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